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Software for ODS files

A file with the ODS extension is typically an OpenDocument Spreadsheet file that contains spreadsheet information such as text, graphics, images, formulas, and numbers, all within  a sheet full of cells.

However, the ODS extension can also be used for the Outlook Express 5 mailbox, but to store email messages, newsgroups, and other mail settings; they are not related to spreadsheet files.

How to open an ODS file?

OpenDocument spreadsheet files can be opened with the free Calc program that comes as part of the LibreOffice suite.

This suite includes other applications such as a word processor and a presentation program.

All of them are obtained when the suite is downloaded, but you can choose which ones to install, it is necessary to highlight that the ODS file only works for Calc.

OpenOffice and Calligra Suite are two other LibreOffice-like suites that can also open ODS files. Microsoft Excel works too, but in this case it is not free.

If you're on a Mac, some of the above programs work to open the ODS file, but NeoOffice does too.

Chrome users can install ODT, ODP, ODS Viewer file extension to open ODS files online without downloading and / or installing any other software.

Regardless of the operating system you use, you can upload the ODS file to Google Drive to store online and preview it in your browser, where you can also download it in a new format.

Online Viewers

In general terms, ODS files are enabled to be viewed and edited online, for this purpose,

They are two other free online viewers from ODS, which unlike Google Drive, it is not necessary to have a user account with these websites to view the file.

Roughly speaking, opening an ODS file can also be done by unzipping the file.

Doing this will not allow you to view the spreadsheet like you can in Calc or Excel, but it does allow you to extract any embedded images and see a preview of the sheet.