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File types with the ODS extension

File Type 1. OpenDocument Spreadsheet

An ODS file is a spreadsheet created by the Calc program included with the LibreOffice package. Stores data in cells that are organized in rows and columns.

ODS files are formatted using the OpenDocument XML-based standard.

This free format is an ISO standard and is used worldwide for its wide support of software, including free programs.

Spreadsheets are interactive computer applications used to store, organize, and analyze some data forms using tables similar to those in Microsoft Excel.

Programs that use the ODS file extension can often save files in the XLSX format and use the associated extensions.

Calc is LibreOffice and OpenOffice's equivalent to Microsoft Excel.

It allows you to create spreadsheets for various purposes that can range from simple lists of data, to complex matrices of mathematical and statistical calculations.

The most popular programs to open this type of format are:

File type 2. Outlook Express Mailbox

The ODS extension is also used for the Outlook Express 5 Mailbox or "message store", similar to a .DBX file used by other versions of Outlook Express.

Microsoft Outlook Express is an email client that was previously included in Internet Explorer, which in turn came pre-installed in various versions of Microsoft Windows.

Outlook Express has a fairly simple and user-friendly graphical user interface and allows the configuration of various e-mail exchange protocols such as POP, IMAP accounts, composing rich HTML e-mails, it also supports advanced security schemes such as e-mail. encryption, privacy protection, malware protection, e-mail sorting etc.

The most popular programs to open this format are:

  • Microsoft Outlook Express 5 (Discontinued)

To open an ODS file, you need to know what format it belongs to, since you could damage the file if you open it with the wrong application. Or in any case, you could damage the system registries.