Open ODS File

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Database in ODS file

An ODS file is a spreadsheet created by the Calc program included with the LibreOffice package. Stores data in cells that are organized in rows and columns. ODS files are formatted using the OpenDocument XML-based standard.

This free format is an ISO standard and is used worldwide for its wide support of software, including free programs.

One of the benefits that LibreOffice documents have, including those created as a spreadsheet, in this case ODS, is that we can create many types of documents with different functionalities, we can mention that we can use them as databases. A database can be built in different ways.

Calc and / or Microsoft Excel, despite being underestimated tools since their functions are little or not used at all, is usually very practical to generate estimates, invoices, among others, and even to create, clean and segment a database file.

In fact, Excel is a tool that allows you to filter the data, group elements with common aspects or distinguish repeated values. It is also an exceptional calculation tool that, when used well, is very powerful and intuitive.

Note: It should not be confused with Operational Data Store (ODS) which is an active data container that is designed to integrate data from multiple sources with which to perform additional operations on the data itself.

Create an ODS database

Before starting

The first step will be to obtain the data from different sources. Take some time to think about what we expect from the archive and what we are aiming for. Thus, it will be easier to do it and to know the categories that need to be integrated.

Database creation: create the tables

Once the information for the creation of your database has been obtained, you will only have to go to Calc to create a table that includes, in an organized way, the data obtained.

If you want, you can organize the data later. Select this column and use the "sort and filter" -> "filter" function, which will automatically sort the column.

Creation of the database with Calc: Data integration

Once the categories are created, the data must be integrated. Enter each data in each row respecting what is marked in the column.

If you don't have enough data, take concrete actions seeking to expand and improve your database.

ODS files, as you can see, are data matrices that support almost any type of them, therefore, categorizing the data is a task that you must do carefully, to avoid errors.

Use multiple sheets as tables

You can use a different sheet as a table, which have the function of relating to each other by making referential calls.

The dimensions or functionality of a database in a ODS file is at your discretion, taking into account that there may be some limitations on accessibility or data transfer speed.

However, for most applications, both desktop and web, they are applicable to this paradigm.