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Convert ODS to XLSX

ODS ("OpenDocument Spreadsheet") files are a file format of the "Calc" program, the spreadsheet of the free LibreOffice alternative.

If a file is in ODS format, the appropriate programs can make edits to the spreadsheet.

On the other hand, XLSX files are a file format of the Microsoft Excel program. It can usually only be edited or viewed using Microsoft Excel itself or the Excel Viewer program or online viewing services.

The file format guarantees post editing, but not full portability.

There are many reasons for converting one file format to another: a main reason is the lack of compatibility between versions of Microsoft Excel 2007 for editing the newer XLSX files.

In general, the new XLSX format can offer some advantages when editing, as Excel can integrate more special functions when saving with the company's own.

Users who want to convert to XLSX format encounter some hurdles when converting.

Problems converting ODS to XLSX

Main problem: There is no built-in conversion option for existing ODS files in some versions of LibreOffice Calc.

Conventionally, this can be corrected with various extensions or plugins for Calc.

Conversion using our online converter is a much more convenient method.

After loading the respective ODS file, this automatically converts the ODS file to an XLSX file, after just a few short steps.

To convert from ODS to XLSX and from XLSX to ODS you can use of any of the several existing online services for this purpose:

The steps to make this conversion should be standard for any online service:

  • Step 1: Upload file, either by opening a dialog / search box or by dragging it to the box.
  • Step 2 (Optional): You can make some additional adjustments like Optical Character Recognition, the source language or remove the colors from the source file.
  • Step 3: Click on the conversion button.
  • Step 4: Download the XLSX output file.