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Export data from an ODS file to LibreOffice Base

Importing data from an ODS spreadsheet into a LibreOffice Base database is fairly straightforward and can be done in just a few steps.

Steps to follow to import data from ODS to Base

Open your database, and activate the table area. Open your spreadsheet with your LibreOffice Calc.



Click and drag the spreadsheet label into the tables area of ​​your database. Also, you can copy the data (including columns and rows) and paste into the tables area. The following dialogue will be presented. Indicate the name of the destination table, and check the appropriate options. Click on the Next button.

Base asks the fields you want to import. Select and move the desired fields to the list on the right. Click on the Next button:

Here you can define, selecting each column name, the name, length and type of the destination field in the new table created. You can click on the Automatic Type Recognition button, which will make Base examine the indicated number of lines to automatically determine the type of field.


After clicking on the Create button, it will ask if you want to create a primary key. Finally, Base will import the data from your spreadsheet into your database.