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ODS Related OpenDocument Extensions

OpenOffice and LibreOffice use the OpenDocument Format (ODF), a fully open, ISO-verified and standardized file format that ensures you can access your information forever.

LibreOffice's ODS format is framed within the ODF standard, like the rest of the extensions, even those that are part of spreadsheets such as templates, Flat XML, and Office Unified Formats.

Because ODS is standardized, other Spreadsheet packages may adopt the format. By using ODF, you ensure that your data can be transferred between different computers and operating systems considering, however, that there are certain differences between the formatting of each technology.

Extensions that shares ODS within the Standard OpenDocument

Typical extensions for OpenDocument files include the following:

  • ODT - text document for LibreOffice Writer
  • ODP - slideshow for LibreOffice Impress
  • ODG - illustration or graphic for LibreOffice Draw
  • OTS - Spreadsheet Template for LibreOffice Calc
  • FODS - Flat XML for LibreOffice Calc
  • UOS - Unified Spreadsheet Format for LibreOffice Calc (Chinese Version)

The extensions included in LibreOffice Calc (in a summarized way) explained below:


An OTS file is a spreadsheet template created by Calc or another spreadsheet application that supports the OpenDocument standard. Contains a spreadsheet saved in OpenDocument XML-based format. OTS files allow users to create multiple ODS spreadsheet files using the same styles and formats.


Text document saved in the ODS format, but stored as a plain XML file instead of the .ZIP container used by ODS files. Provides an easier alternative to the ODS format to automatically generate documents without the need for a document editor.


Document created in the Unified Office Format (UOF), a file format developed for Chinese-language office productivity applications; uses the XML format and compresses all the content of the document into a file container with the UOF extension.