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Open ODS File on Android Devices

ODS is the format used by office suites such as OpenOffice and LibreOffice to render their spreadsheets.

It is included within the parent ODF format, which includes ODT text documents as well as ODP presentations, including support for complex formats and embedded images.

There may be some format contrasts between XLSX and ODS, when it comes to graphics, however, the format's developers are constantly working on improving interoperability.

There are also security improvements, in case you want to protect your data, you can even open password-protected documents, or in any case, protect your own documents.

OpenDocument Reader

OpenDocument Reader allows you to read your ODF documents, in this case also ODS spreadsheets created with LibreOffice Calc, wherever you are and at the palm of your hand.

No matter where you are, with OpenDocument Reader, you can read and edit your documents in a very direct and easy way. Even if you have to make a major correction on the spreadsheet, this tool also allows the modification of documents.

You can start reading the documents you have in other applications, even if they are hosted by cloud storage providers. Supported applications include Gmail, Google Drive,, Dropbox, and others.

Furthermore, with this application you can open any type of OpenOffice document: ODT text files, ODS spreadsheets and also ODP presentations.

Although OpenDocument Reader is not directly affiliated with OpenOffice, this is a completely free open source application. Therefore, it has some ads that allow its creators to earn a little money from them. Either way, these ads are not intrusive or malicious.

OpenDocument Reader is an excellent tool for anyone who normally works with OpenOffice on their computer and needs to be able to view and edit documents directly from their Android device.

Open an ODS File with OpenDocument Reader (Steps)

  1. Install the application from the Google Play store
  2. If the file is ODS, go to the recently installed OpenDocument Reader app.
  3. In the upper right corner of the platform you can press an icon in the form of a folder.
  4. Choose the file you want to import it and start working with it.