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ODS Files on iPhone

Libre Office is one of the main free office suites currently on the market. Founded by former members of OpenOffice, this platform is designed to reach the whole world, as its ease of use, its features and its free distribution make it more accessible than other competitors.

However, if we do not pay attention, when saving a work we could save it in its own format, in this case ODS for spreadsheets, which is only compatible with this office suite, and if we want to read a document of that format in our iOS terminal we will require a compatible application.

How to view ODS spreadsheets on iOS

By default, iOS is not capable of recognizing this extension by itself, so we must install an application to read them.

The application is called OOReader and is available to download for free in the Apple application store and also has its own website.

The previous application only works to visualize documents, it does not works to edit their content.

However, the free version has limitations, so if you want to get the most out of it and use the application properly, you must buy the application.

But this application not only works to view documents in ODS format but also recognizes all types of files from many of the office automation applications that exist today: Wordpad, Microsoft Office, PDF, etc.

In addition, we can view and convert the files to PDF and then send them to whoever we want, so it is a very useful tool.

And if you want, it also has the ability to connect with the clouds of Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox.

Keep in mind that if you buy the "Pro" version you will have unlimited viewing and editing of documents: you can open, convert and send as many as you want, as well as protect the files that matter most to us with a password.

As a final note, this application is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that support iOS 7.0 as a minimum.