Open ODS File

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Cannot open ODS file

When you have the problem that you cannot open a file, in particular the ODS file, you should ask yourself a series of questions, for example:

  1. Do I have the correct program?
  2. What kind of file is it?
  3. Is the file extension correctly spelled?
  4. Do I need help from an expert?

The answers to these questions can be:

R1: If you don't have a suitable program installed on your computer that supports the ODS format, then you won't be able to open it.

Below is a summary list of the most common programs that open ODS files:

R2: When there is an impossibility to open ODS files, the next step is to set the file type, since this extension is used for various formats, not only Spreadsheets, but also for Outlook Express Mailbox.

This can help you find the right program to open it. However, you can look up the file type to be sure. Start by right-clicking on the file's icon and clicking "Properties" or "More info" if you're working on a Mac. Then look for the file type under "File Type."

R3: There is a possibility that the extension is misspelled, check the latter, if possible (if you are working on Windows) enable 'View File Extensions':

  1. In Windows Explorer, choose Tools> Folder Options.
  2. Click the View tab of the Folder Options dialog box.
  3. Under Advanced settings, select Show hidden files and folders.
  4. Deselect 'Hide file extensions for known file types'.
  5. Click OK.

If the extension is misspelled, correct it and write it correctly to ODS.

This detail is important as it can completely render the file unusable, making it unreadable, or in the worst case, opening it with an inappropriate application.

R4: When you cannot open ODS files, an expert software developer could help you. The developers of the above-mentioned programs are as follows, in order of appearance:

  • Apache Software Foundation
  • Sun MicroSystem
  • The Document Foundation
  • Microsoft